Saturday, 28 April 2018

This rat is a Ganesha's devotee.

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This rat is a Ganesha's devotee. He is carrying this abandoned Ganesha idol all the way home, so he can worship him with love.
According to the Bhagavad gita, true devotion arises after one achieves perfection in the yoga of action (karmayoga) and knowledge (jnanayoga).
A devotee exemplifies divine qualities. He surrenders to God and remains ever absorbed in His thoughts and contemplation. His devotion is free from the impurities of egoism, vanity, desires and expectations. It is characterized by an attitude of reverence rather than craving. It is devoid of attachment and demonic passions. It is free from the impurities of egoism and delusion. It liberates rather than binds. It is not sustained by fulfillment but by sacrifice.
You should not worship God with selfish attitude. Deluded people may worship Him for material gains; but it does not qualify as true devotion. Sacrifice is the basis of true worship. Devotion is an act of offering, not receiving. A true devotee makes an offering to God without expectations.
When you worship God, you give Him whatever you have. You surrender to Him unconditionally and make your life an offering; and you do it selflessly out of profound love, reverence and gratitude.
Ganesha vehicle the Rat represents Mind, Mind is always restless and wanders uncontrolled, so do the Rat. Ganesha rides the rat. Ganesh stands for intellect, presence of mind and success and when he rides, he rides on a rat which signifies darkness, lends itself to danger in search of food and finally is known for living in a dungeons and gutters. It signifies victory of intellect over ignorance.! 🐀🕉🐘🐚🍚🌀🎨🙏🏻
Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah ~ Shubh Ratri 🐘🕉🐀👁🌀🍚🐚🎨🙏🏻

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