Sunday, 4 February 2018

God will never tolerate those who try to destroy or belittle his true devotee.

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God will never tolerate those who try to destroy or belittle his true devotee. He will compel them to beg pardon from the very same devotee whom they want to trouble and disrespect! The story of king Ambarisha is an illustrious example. He belonged to the famous Ikshvaku clan and was the son of Nabhaga. He was righteous and ruled the country wisely looking after the subjects as his own children. He performed a great yaga for the well being of people with great devotion and faith. Pleased with his Bhakti, Lord Vishnu presented His Sudersana Chakra and said that it would protect him always. Ambarisha was overjoyed at the benign grace of the Lord. He had started the ‘Dwadasi vrata’ according to which he had to fast on the ekadasi day and break the fast the following morning on the dwadasi. On that day, when the king had to break his fast, the renowned sage Durvasa came to visit Ambarisha.
The king received the sage with respect and thought that it was his fortune to get an atithi- unexpected guest like the sage. Sage Durvasa wanted to refresh himself and went to the river near by. Meanwhile the time to break the fast arrived and the sage did not return. Ambarisha waited for long but in vain. He was In a dilemma whether to break the fast or not. On the advice of sage Vasishta, he drank water with Tulasi leaves and waited for sage Durvasa. Soon the sage came and knowing what had happened, became furious. He felt that he was humiliated and in his anger created a demon from his matted hair and sent it to destroy the king for his misdeed! The demon advanced forward menacingly towards King Ambarisha.
Meanwhile the Sudersana Chakra installed for the protection of the king plunged into action and In a moment killed the demon that was nearing the king. Not stopping at that, it went after sage Durvasa, who in utter horror started running! The Chakra chased him across the forests and mountains and in desperation he went to Satya Loka and requested Brahma to save him from the Chakra. But he threw up his hands and expressed his inability. Sage Durvasa reached Lord Shiva in Kailash and He too could not stop the Chakra! The Sage now,approached Lord Vishnu, the owner of the Chakra to save him. But the Lord said it is Ambarisha alone who could control the Chakra and save the sage! Sage Durvasa ran to Ambarisha, begged pardon for his arrogance and requested him to withdraw the Chakra. Ambarisha prayed to the Lord and soon the Sudersana Chakra settled calmly in it place. Sage Durvasa praised the king for his extraordinary devotion to Lord Vishnu and blessed the king. This is how God teaches lesson to the haughty and proves that His devotees are greater than Him. This is one among the numberless incidents when God glorified His own true devotees!! 👁🕉🐚🔱🐍🌀🙏🏻
Om Namo Narayana ~ Om Namah Shivaya ~ Jai Shri Hariharaya Namah 💛🌀🐚🌀❤️

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