Tuesday, 6 February 2018

In the Temples idols are installed after Pran Prathista ie after consecration.

In the Temples idols are installed after Pran Prathista ie after consecration. After consecration the Idol becomes powerfully energized and imbibed with cosmic energy. Here the devotees will be able to absorb positive cosmic energy. In Simple terms it is like battery charging centre where we go and get ourselves charged with cosmic energy.Thus a person who regularly visits a temple and makes clockwise pradakshina of the Main Idol's placement, automatically receives maximum cosmic energy which get absorbed in the body. Temple is a place where we pray to God. This place is suitable for our prayer . Our thoughts are like seeds. This place is perfect for sowing which means here we pray to God to fulfill our wishes. When we pray with intensity these thoughts or Prayer will materialize soon. We can pray God everywhere but in our temples we get faith, devotion, piousness. It is the place where we can learn to concentrate our mind . Almighty Supreme God is formless. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and and omniscient. In initial stages it is difficult to pray Nirakar Brahma. To overcome this difficulty we first start with Idol Puja and we should intensify our Bhakti and this bhakti will only guide us to progress spiritually. Till then we have to go to temple regularly. Critics say God is everywhere and we can pray to him anywhere, then why we should go to temple?. The answer is that when we can study at home why should we go to school or college. When we fall sick we can take medicines and treatment from our residence itself, then why we should go to hospital. Similarly a scientist need a calm and peaceful place for his research and invention when this can be done at home itself. In the same way a devotee need a peaceful, calm and place with full of positive energy place for prayer.
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Hari Om Tat Sat ~ Om Namah Shivaya 🌼🍃🌿🌼🍂🍃🌿🌼🌼🍃🌿🍂🍃🌼🍂
Shubh Prabhat 🍃🌿🌼🌼🍃🌿🍂🍃🌼🍂🍃🌿🌼🌼🍂🍃🌿

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