Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Hindus worship God according to their level of understanding.

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Hindus worship God according to their level of understanding. Some worship the highest God, some worship the village deities. Some worship a personal god believing him to be the Highest God. Some worship many gods simultaneously, with the belief that they all are the different manifestations of the same God. Some worship Him by chanting His name. Some make Him offerings of food and money. Some offer themselves completely. Some do not offer Him anything, but just worship Him either out of fear or want. Some do not worship Him at all, but still remain within the fold of Hinduism. The gods and goddesses of Hinduism are real beings. They are unquestionably and undoubtedly manifestations of God Himself, who exist in space and time, not as a figment of our imagination or superstition, but as real beings capable of miraculous deeds.
In the land of God, there are no quick fix formulae, no instant nirvana with a few scriptural studies. Can there be just one path to an ocean or only one way to reach any destination? If God is everywhere and is hidden in every thing, we must be able to find Him every where and in every form. Otherwise we are pursuing not God but something else.
In Hinduism there are many schools of thoughts and many layers of thoughts, because Hinduism is a product of man's freedom of thought and of action. A constantly evolving and flowering religion, with many streams of thought assimilated in it, it is a product of mankind's history - a synthesis of many experiences and thought processes that make it extremely complex, but generously tolerant and lenient. It views the world as a playground of God where man has to resolve his illusions and pettiness and find the Hidden God. And it gives enormous time and opportunity to each individual to find Him in his or her own way. Some find Him. Some do not. Some do not bother at all and try to find something else: money, happiness, relationships, name, fame and so on. Hinduism waits for them patiently, knowing well the inevitable. 🕉🕉
Hari Om Tat Sat ~ Har Har Mahadev ❤️🕉🙏
Shubh Prabhat 🕉🌀🕉

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