Saturday, 6 January 2018


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“So, what work do you actually do?” Sati asked coyly like any newly married wife.
“I meditate,” Shiva answered.
“No, I meant what work do you do as in work?”
“ “Yes, I have noted that when most people ask you ‘what do you do?’ they mean to ask about livelihood, vocation and income. Whereas, I have always thought that there’s so much more than just what a man does for a living. So much more that goes in to make a ‘way of life’…you know… he may paint or sing or play sport…” Shiva said. “But you meant to ask what I do for work, right?”
“Yes,” said Sati. “That’s what I meant.”
“I meditate,” He answered again with a strange smile.
“I don’t understand,” She said.
“For most people, a livelihood and a way of life are two different things. For me, it is all one,” He said.
“And you and I are one,” She said, drawing close to Him.
“Yes,” He smiled.
“So then, teach me about meditation,” She said.
“Yes, I will,” said Shiva. “I will teach you about meditation.
( From the book SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller.)

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