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Why do people offer mustard oil to Lord Shani Dev

Why do people offer mustard oil to Lord Shani Dev
In Hinduism, it is a ritual to give Shani dev a bath in sesame seed oil. As per Hindu epic Ramayana, when the bridge was constructed from Rameswaram to Lanka by lord Ramas army, Lord Hanuman had the responsibility of looking after the security of the bridge, lest the enemy damages it.
When Lord Ram was constructing the bridge to Lanka to cross the ocean with his army, Lord Hanuman had the liability to look after the bridge in case the enemies damage it. One day, when Lord Hanuman was praying to Lord Ram sitting under a tree, Shani Dev arrived there and said that he is the most powerful God. He challenged Hanuman to open his eyes and fight
Lord Hanuman warned Shani Dev not to disturb him when he is meditating on his Lord. But, Shani Dev was resolute to pick a fight. Lord Hanumaan extended his tail and bind it around Shani Dev. He tightened his tail and Shani Dev tried get free from that tight hold, but he was not able to. LordHanuman waved his tail up and down that was hitting Shani Dev on the stones. He started bleeding.
When the pain became intolerable, Shani Dev requested Lord Hanuman to release him. He also added that he would never do a same mistake again. Hanuman asked Shani Dev to promise him that he shall never cause problems to lord Rama’s devotees. Shani Dev promised that he would never hinder in the destiny of Hanuman devotees. Hanuman then freed Shani Dev.
Lord Hanuman then offered him some mustard oil. After that oil massage, the pain was calmed instantly. Since then, it is traditional to offer mustard oil to Shani Dev.
There is a spiritual analysis of the relation amid Lord Hanuman and Shani Dev. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of selflessness, whereas Shani Dev is a symbol of ego and pride. Hence, to contradict the Karm born out of selfishness, one must be kind and unselfish like Lord Hanuman.
Remedies to impress Lord Shani
Donating sesame seed oil or mustard oil is regarded as one of the best remedies to impress Lord Shani. Of course, the best day to do so is on Saturday, as it is the ruling day of the planet Saturn. Also, on Saturdays, if possible before the Sun rises, one should approach a Peepal tree, and pour mustard oil on a branch of the tree. You can also offer black sesame seeds.
Lord Shani is the God of the poor and the needy. To seek Lord Shani’s favours, one can truly indulge themselves in doing good for the people genuinely in need. You can donate money or clothes, especially on a Saturday. You can also give a piece of black cloth to the poor and needy as black is the beloved colour of Lord Shani.
Worship Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman himself is the remedy to impress Lord Shani. Lord Hanuman saved Lord Shani from the clutches Ravana in the Ramayana. Lord Shani promised to reduce or nullify the malefic effects of Shani’s ‘Sade Sati’ or ‘Shani Dhayyia’ on individuals if they worshipped and remembered Lord Hanuman from the bottom of their heart.
Wear Black
Black is the colour of Lord Shani, therefore, wearing black or dark blue on a Saturday is considered good. Apart from it all, if under Lord Shani’s scrutiny one should avoid buying leather or black-coloured items on a Saturday at all costs.
Quit Alcohol
To impress Lord Shani, you have to necessarily let go of your habit to consume alcohol. He is considered the lord of justice and such addictions like smoking, drinking or eating non-vegetarian food gets Lord Shani angry – all of it Tamsik and Tamas is not something Lord Shani approves. It is in your best interest to leave this addictive past behind especially if you are in the 7-year period of scrutiny; Sade Sati.
Be Honest
Being honest in life, avoiding bribing or hurting people, is one lesson every individual should keep in mind. Being the God of Justice rest assured that none of your misdeeds or anything done to harm the other individual will go unnoticed and you shall reap the fruits of your deeds.
Jai Shani Dev ~~ Om Namah Shivaya

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