Saturday, 24 September 2016


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What should be the objective of religion?
should it be issuing strict mandates of 'do this', and 'do not do that' ?
does a real knower of God take over other's lives as a superior?
How many times has it happened to all of us, when, we go to a holy place , all excited 'to meet God' and then we are scolded by a custodian for something that we did not actually know, let's say a dress code, or a posture before the deity?
we feel small. And religion should be about making you feel big- you are God's child!
Should it be to proclaim loudly about the exclusivity of a particular path? do we feel good when we are
' challenged' or even taunted about a belief that is precious to us?
should it be to guide.
Just like a father does with his children.
He tells them gently what is not good for them, or what will ensure a more focused life in the name of some discipline. A father's action is out of pure love, it has no motives of superiority,but springs from a definite knowing of the unity with the child.
A father's teaching brims with love. And the same love, would be the propeller in the guidance of a being who loves God, and knows He is father to all. What is the hallmark of such a guide? in one word- Kindness.
and you will note this: God has his ways of marking those who do not truly spread knowledge for His sake, those who do not truly know him:
you will note a conspicuous absence of love in their speech and compassion in their being.
Of what use is the talk of God when there is no love in your heart?!!
On the other hand, if there is love, you do not even need to hear the Guide talk, even a look from him will do!
Aum Namah Shivaye.

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