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Most of us who love Shiva and his stories, have, no doubt, heard of the Ganga Avataran. While traditionally this meant to convey how the descent of Ganga would give salvation to erring or lost souls, how one man's worship ( Bhagirath) could atone for his ancestors.
And this becomes so appropriate during the 'shraadhs" which is the time that Hindus pray for their ancestors and departed family members souls and try to repay Pitr rin (a debt by virtue of birth in a particular family,to its forefathers).
We can learn another dimension of Ganga's landing on earth, the higher, spiritual meaning is that Ganga is full of divine knowledge, because she descends from the heavens, and carries God's message. So, she is a 'revealer' of Gyan. But now, there is a problem, the Ganga is so forceful spiritually, that her torrent cannot be sustained by anyone except Shiva. This is to be noted:
Only Shiva consciousness can sustain mystical revelation.
Only after a mystic steeped in that consciousness, lands the Ganga Gyan on his head, can he pass on the waters to flow downwards and parch the thirst of the other souls.He must first know divinity first hand !
Lord Shiva is the Adi Guru, He always helps seeking souls. At the behest of Ma Parvati, He always helps to distribute divine knowledge of the heavens. And true Sadgurus are like Him, in their sincerity and love for others. They follow ' Shiva's way'
A chapter from my book The yogi and the snake further elucidates this:
"Meditate, receive the Gyan Ganga upon your head. Stabilize the impact. Then, trickle it down gently for the others, so that they too may quench their thirst. If you have it, give it freely.
Simply said, but not so simple to implement. There is a very thin line between intelligence and Insanity. Consciousness means a very high intelligence, hitherto, unknown, to the new seeker. So, it has to be given in doses. So it is not to be given so freely that it leads to insanity, thus we say trickle it. Thus we sometimes fortress Knowledge, thus we sometimes do not speak of the way. But still, we have to give it freely, another paradox! This is a great energy system, akin to a tightrope. Learn to strike the balance. If you go too fast, you fall, go too slow, you will fall again. Find the pace that suffices. The Guru is the dispeller of darkness, like the Sun. The Sun enables us to see, but if we look to it directly, we lose our sight, we go blind, darkness again.So, the Guru may choose a pace, known only to Him."

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