Saturday, 24 September 2016


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Narada noticed that Shiva was going into a different mood. 
He had darkened, His face resembled the darkest cloud in the sky, and His eyes became bloodshot, His hair started rising in arousal of extreme excitement, like the mixed thrill of a warrior, when He is about to embark into an immediate and deadly battle.
He started stomping His feet on the ground, causing the earth below Him to quake and the mountains in the horizons actually seemed to shake.“Daksha, you will not be spared! Sati, I am coming! Sateee!!”
The ganas repeated the call, “Daksha, you will not be spared! Ma, we are coming!!” Shiva started a war dance, tugging violently at His own hair and whirling in the air,His right hand pulled out His Trishula from the ground where it had been restfully parked for months, as if to jerk it out of its dormancy. “BABHAM!!” He yelled a war cry and lunged forwards.
“Babham Bhayankar, Jai Shiv Shanker!” cried the ganas, their collective voices sending shudders down the entire jungle and valley.
Then, Shiva commanded,“Get to Daksha! Kill all who come in your way of killing the vile Daksha. I want his head on my Trishula today. Even if a rishi or even if Vishnu or Brahma comes to His rescue, spare them not. Daksha’s end is here. It is going to be done. NOW!!”
“Jai Shiv Shanker Babham Bhayanker!” cried the ganas, and then added, “Jai Ho Veerbhadra!!” Narada noted that Shiva, in His darkest mood, had turned into a terrifying and almost sinister appearance, and yet he was the paradoxical hero. He moved like a one-man army getting ready to wreak havoc on all those who came in its way, and Narada was reminded of a cloud of locusts on rampage.'Narayan, Narayan' he trembled.

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